Gel Ink 4

Gel Ink 4

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Please read our procedure to ensure you purchase what you need, in order for you to get the results you need. 

Create beautiful marble and watercolor, tie-dye effects with water-based Gel Inks! 
15ml/0.5 OZ

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•GelliCo. Lamp UV/LED 
•Flex Base Gel
•Velvet Matt Gel
•Gel Ink Brush
•FX Solution
•Flex Top Gel

Procedure: (View each product description for more infomation on usage)
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1. Prep the client and use Flex Top Base <-(link). Cure for 20 seconds when using our special GelliCo. UV/LED Lamp. <-(link)

2. Use desired gel color and cure. (White will bring out the colors more)

3. Use our Velvet Matt Gel <-(link) and cure for 20 seconds. (Gel Ink works ONLY if you use Velvet Matt Gel first)

4. Apply Gel Ink as desired. (Watch our Youtube videos for ideas)

5. Next, you will use our Gel Ink Brush <-(link) and FX Solution. <-(link) In a small container, pour a tiny bit of FX Solution. With the Gel Ink Brush, you will erase or blend as desired. 

6. Seal with Flex Top Gel <-(link) by adding one layer and curing for 20-30 seconds.